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YEAH BUDDY The Robbing Room: CA State Judges Ripping off teachers in the Court to Appease LAUSD's Unseemly GREED

The sheer audacity it takes to actually charge teachers for the trouble the district caused them with that Payroll shortage,  in what was it, John Adams? 2007 or so? I know, we all have very short memories. That's why Eli Broad and his cohorts got away with buildings that monstrosity Belmont Learning Center. The worlds most expensive high school was built on a earth quake fault on top of a Methane infused plot of land that this crazy braver scientist righteously deemed "TOXIC" 

It gets better. Because they wouldn't allow them to open the school, the school sat a few years and guess what? Everybody forgot about it and these swine built another school there that is up and running today. There has even been instances where the bran cell debilitating and certainly deadly gas leaked out and made the school police ( don't get me started on this can o worms). So Belmont became Robles and now thousands of kids and faculty/ staff are in there every day waiting for the lies to unravel. I have terrible nightmares about this. It haunts me. So when LAUSD took me to court over $7,000 I most certainly do not owe them and if I did they are not supposed to sue me by contract, but why drive 700 miles to lose? The game is rigged and if these people will risk the lives of children to make massive $$$$$ than ripping off a bunch of teachers is well... child's play. 


Fraud? From LAUSD ? No Way! 

You see LAUSD has been gouging teachers for a debt we simple do not owe. The overpayment  fiasco follows the payroll disaster which was isn't even the west of it when you look back at the sex abuse scandal and what it's cost tax payers never mind the damage it's done to countless children. Those case will reverberate as many children grow up to become sex offenders themselves. 

The heinous  corruption of the court points to one thing: pervasive corruption instigated and funded by the self- proclaimed "Philanthropist" Eli Broad--father of white flight, architect of the bloody track house, which proves Jefferson is right: the integrity of our buildings speak to the integrity of our nation. 
  It is getting late, so I'm afraid you'll have to wait for me to explain this tomorrow, but anyone who reads the rating below should get a good Idea of what's gone on as the teachers are being dragged to court for these ludicrous overpayments. 



Criminal Defense Lawyer
Comment #: CA4512
Generally fair, but a bit conservative and a stickler for details.
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Criminal Defense Lawyer
Comment #: CA4167
In case BC 420518 "Judge" Mary H. Strobel, involving about 950 defendant, repeatedly ignored case law blaming defendants for an injury they did not cause (the ongoing LAUSD payroll debacle). Allowed LAUSD duplicative recovery since they had collected millions of dollars from Deloitte Consulting. Ignored same case Grand Jury Report "ITG indicated on a scale of one to ten, with one being no exposure and ten being a disaster, LAUSD currently at eight on the scale of exposure [2 JA 61-8]." Allowed LAUSD to give me joint exhibits on the day of Trial which LAUSD's outside Attorney Dennis K/ Wheeler shorted twice. Strobel allowed LAUSD 4 counts of illegal wage garnishments re: defendant Sidonie Smith. Defeated also Attorney Micheal Calof's valid MSJ.

Rating:Not Rated
To answer comment #CA3654: most judges are politically appointed. They are told how to rule from higher up. There is no justice in these courthouses. You may be a very bright lawyer, but it's not what you know, it's who you know.
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Rating:Not Rated
Judge Strobel is biased toward financial institutions. She will rule in their favor, even if it has been proven beyond all doubt that the financial institution is liable. She may fear she will not be re-elected if she rules against the "amicus curiae" but she is not being a judge - just a puppet. She ruins lives because she is afraid of losing her job and retirement.
She is married to a lawyer and she is too political to be a judge.


"Judge" C. Edward Simpson did everything he could possibly do to trip me up during trial on behalf of his friends at LAUSD. Post-trial he could not do second-grade math. His judgement amount did not match the repeatedly changing amount, not "sum certain", LAUSD was finally asking for. In my Motion in Limini, LAUSD had promised in Discovery not to use non-Gregorian calendar, extraterrestrial, "Fiscal Year Salary Review". Simpson allowed them to use it anyway and based his judgement amount on them with 4 other pieces of secondary fraudulent evidence. He also ignored my twice formally subpoenaed opposing witness from attending trial plus an additional witness and documentation.
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Very Good and intelligent judge.
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Comment #: CA7714
The judge was reported to the Commission on Judicial Performance on 9/28/15 - called an "ossified numbskull" "benighted imbecile" after being reversed on a writ of mandate and having a decision repudiated by an impartial judge. A total fraud.
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Comment #: CA2416
I had a one day bench trial for fraud in front of Simpson. Very fair if you are too. Don't try to be something you're not or argue something that isn't there.
Comment #: CA2256
He does not read filed papers in-depth and makes rulings based on a superficial impression of the case


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