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Big Education Ape: LAUSD’s Parent Jail

Big Education Ape: LAUSD's Parent Jail

LAUSD's Parent Jail

LAUSD's Parent Jail:

LAUSD's Parent Jail

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Disruptive Person Letters (DPL) are issued by principals within the LAUSD when someone interferes with the ability "to maintain a safe campus free of disruption." There is concern among parents that in addition to protecting against "behavior that poses a danger to staff or students", these letters are also being used to retaliate against those who question a school's implementation of policy. For this reason, they are better known as Disruptive Parent Letters. On November 22, 2016, the LAUSD's Early Childhood and Parent Engagement Committee held a hearing on improving the DPL policy. The following is a copy of my testimony before this committee:
parent-jailI have heard it stated a couple of times today that these "Disruptive Person Letters" are rare. Truthfully, we have no way of knowing that. I issued a Public Records Act request in August of 2015, and I asked for any email, memo or letter containing the language that is found in these letters. In response, I was told that the District does not capture "specific data on disruptive parent letters." On September 28, 2015, I was told that "this information is not captured at this time."
In January of this year I finally received a response that said that the District had found approximately 600 of these emails, they were in the LAUSD's Parent Jail:

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