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TURN Over is the Way to Keep Teachers Down

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They been at it awhile
TURN Over is the Way to Keep Teachers Down
The Broad Foundation Announces Groundbreaking Union Reform Project
June 1, 2001

Washington, DC
- Today, U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige will join The Broad Foundation and the Teacher Union Reform Network (TURN) to announce a groundbreaking initiative to improve student achievement through improved labor-management relations and teacher union contracts.

Eli Broad, Founder of The Broad Foundation said: "We are proud to support this truly revolutionary project. The Broad Foundation and the Teachers Union Reform Network are launching a groundbreaking initiative to create a new breed of collective bargaining agreement for teachers that will focus on accountability, student achievement and quality teaching - rather than just work rules, salaries and grievance procedures."

The Broad Foundation grant to TURN will support pioneering efforts of four municipalities to redirect the focus of teachers' union contracts towards the improvement of student achievement. The four municipalities are: Toledo, Ohio, San Francisco, CA, Rochester, NY and Montgomery County, MD.

The Broad Foundation is prepared to invest $1.7 million in TURN over the next four years. The foundation has already committed $350,000 for the first year.

Together, TURN and The Broad Foundation will review pay scales, staffing models, extended school days, peer review, school choice and resource allocation. This grant will lead to the development of a union contract that supports student achievement first and foremost and promotes quality teaching and learning. (A detailed fact sheet on the grant is attached.)

Adam Urbanski, Director of TURN, said: "It is time to consider new and different models of labor-management relations that are more directly linked to results and what helps our nation's children learn. Without such collaboration, even the best intentioned efforts on the part of school managers would be tantamount to one hand clapping."

The Broad Foundation was established in 1999 with an initial contribution of $100 million that has since been increased. The Broad Foundation believes in taking risks and supporting new, innovative ideas that create an atmosphere for change. This grant is one of many investments The Broad Foundation is making to help public school districts meet 21st century challenges with a radical infusion of a new kind of school leadership. (More information on Broad Foundation investments can be found at www.broadfoundation.org.)
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TURN is a network of forward-thinking National Education Association (NEA) and American Federation of Teachers (AFT) local unions. The network promotes reforms that will lead to higher achievement for America's children. A primary goal of TURN is to create new union models that can take the lead in building and sustaining effective schools for all students. Information on TURN can be found at www.turnexchange.net.

Broad concluded: "We believe that the only way to change the prevailing culture in our public education system is to challenge the status quo. Supporting new and innovative ideas is the best way to achieve this. We don't need to dismantle our public education system. But we do need to radically improve our nation's public schools by tackling the issues that are at the root of the problem. That is what this initiative will do."
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The Broad Foundation was established by Eli and Edythe Broad in 1999 with an initial commitment of $100 million that has since been significantly increased. Eli Broad is also the chairman of SunAmerica Inc., a global financial services firm based in Los Angeles, California. Operating as an entrepreneurial grant-making organization, the Foundation funds innovative efforts to dramatically improve governance, management, and labor relations in the nation's largest urban school systems.

Adam Urbanski is president of the Rochester (NY) Teachers Association, a vice-president of the American Federation of Teachers, and Director of the Teacher Union Reform Network (TURN) of AFT and NEA Locals.

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