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    H.A. Hurley, this is an answer to you, but I do not want it to crawl along the side of this blog as a reply to you, because it is THE TRUTH and too IMPORTANT, and I have said ti too many times already. You are saying something we have said for 2 decades….the "WE' being the tens of thousands of veteran teachers who were utterly destroyed before VAM

  1. and th eNCLB came along to do its dirty work on YOU!
    Not only do we need 60 Minutes, VICE, Michael Moore and Ken Burns to document the utter destruction of the PROFESSION OF TEACHING and the ensuing collapse of the INSTITUTION OF PUBLIC EDUCATION THAT DEPENDS ON PROFESSIONAL EDUCATORS…., we need the ATTORNEY GENERALS in each state and the US AG to investigate an prosecute the school administrations that allow principals NOT SWORN UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY to testify at bogus 'hearings'.
    The Sixth Amendment gives Americans rights to defend themselves.
    We teachers are Americans!I want to cry, when I realize that it is 16 years since I and began to tell my story, and since Karen Horwitz created her site:, where the stories of thousands of teachers destroyed in the first assault teachers appears.
    Lenny Isenberg writing now at Citywatch, offers this wonderful description of what created the incentive to end due process for teachers in LA,
    It is a must read! But it is what has been ongoing everywhere, long before VAM . Isenberg's site Perdaily chronicled it in LAUSD for almost a decade now.
    And I wrote this at my site Years ago:
    … and this, which I wrote in 2004 is at Perdaily, too
    Then, there is Betsy Combier's sites that chronicle the abuse of teachesr in NYC in the nineties and beyond;
    and of course there is Norm Scott's Ed notes, and his grassroots blog:
    and the Francesco Portelos site
    which shows that there is no end to the assault on teachers .
    More recently, Rene Diedrich added her angry voice and revelations about LA's morass:
    What strikes me, and should strike YOU, is how is it possible that all these years later, you and the teachers who are now under assault did not KNOW HOW LONG THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON!
    You want it to be public knowledge?
    And how is that going to happen when the people who own the media everywhere are the billionaires who engineered this catastrophe.
    When teachers such as myself, and David Pakter (google him) were taken out, and a hundred thousand teachers were sent out the door, these malignant oligarchs discovered that there would be no ACCOUNTABILITY for the total destruction of the civil rights of AMERICANS who just happened to be teachers!
    Hey, we saw how a total lack of accountability for lying allowed the banisters and those who were responsible for rating securities like Libor and Standard & Poors, to bring down the our economy and bankrupt our middle class.
    No oversight, no punitive actions allow criminals to behave with impunity, and make no mistake about what is happening to teachers is CRIMINAL. Karen Horwitz wrote the book about WHITE CHALK CRIME, YEARS AGO…. oh, you haven't heard about it? What a surprise?

    Also on the site post:
    READ MY COMMENT TO HURLEY ON THIS Post. Go to the links and discover why they can do this to you now with VAM. They took tens of thousands of veteran teachers out in the nineties, and looked around… saw no on to stop them….saw a media that not only did not report their planned destruction of due process in the education workplace, but that teachers were being blamed in the media…and the said."WOW, LET'S INVENT A NEW PROCESS TO THROW THE REAL EDUCATORS OUT OF THE INSTITUTION SO IT WILL FAIL.
    Go to the links I provide. Discover what preceded VAM!
    Then, scream not merely for a film or documentary, DEMAND THAT THE ATTORNEYS GENERAL end the lawlessness in our educational workplace.

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