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LAUSD Teachers: You're JUST Pawns and Collateral Damage As Far As LAUSD and UTLA are Concerned (they are not the only ones who think you aren't worthy of basic human rights !)

Strike chicken between LAUSD, UTLA; Pi Day at Millikan - LA School Report

Dear Teachers , read this and comments and take note: we have become a kind of second class slave as teachers , The district is plundering paychecks for over payments it cannot prove were made, the CBA is always being ignored or defiled with impunity, we have no due process rights as Zimmer recently stated on Ravitch's blog  while defending Kayser against the charter association's defamation. He said WE FIRED EVERY TEACHER WHO CAME BEFORE THE BOARD, which we knew as well as the fact that they didn't even review, much less discuss the charges , most which fall far short of being firing offenses . In other words the board was being pressured to fire more teachers after years of NOT firing them. As Zimmer told a small group teacher jail birds begging for intervention: The pendulum has swung the other way. What he essentially admits is they side with whatever is most politically advantageous for them. THERE has never been due process because these members used to let pervs, hop heads and riff raff go on unscathed to appease the union that pays for their election. Now the union belongs to the billionaires and the BOE is appeasing charters (?) or should I infer the big $$$ behind them , testing and ed tech ( that's why they went  along with Deasy's iPad roll out, MiSiS, and the massive purges that cost over 10,000 teachers their jobs. That is why hundreds of TFA interns are recruited every year while RiFs are never returned in accordance with the law. There are some displaced teachers and Rifs who are allowed to sub, but that is only to satisfy NCLB laws that demand a certain number of actual teachers be in the mix. These subs are often set up after norm day. They go in to cover at a kill site . They prepare to leave and are given a unsat service memo.The ones I spoke to, at least two dozen over the last couple years, say nothing out of the ordinary happened except maybe an administrator lurking outside the room or observing the teacher in what they describe as a good lesson . While the memo upsets them, they don't do much about it . Then 5 days later they are terminated because they fail to respond to the memo. That is even less time than a teacher has to respond . So these teachers end up not only being fired because subs are at will employees, they have a stain too.
For subs the games are unrelenting, especially subs who were demoted or displaced . They are making less than usual, though $170 seems amenable . The problem is they have no health care , no sick days , mo holiday pay and no job security. When subs complete 100 days in a year, they are given coverage . The system , I am told, drops your name at 99 days .'
This is outrageous , lawless and fascist . In fact, the fascists went after intellectuals and teachers first . Our constitutional /civil rights have been trumped by billionaires who hate teachers . They are not just cheating us or breaking a contract, they are destroying teachers with undisguised malice and mendacity.
The good news is that the common core woke the sleepy giant . Twitter is a symphony right now as parents and teachers relay tweets about Pearson violating students' privacy by spying on them . It appears that teachers and parents are no longer divided and conquered .
Keep in mind that unions sold teachers out . Randi W. was thumping the common core for years and accepted money from Gates and Broad (in 2011 Foundation report he rhapsodically sang her praises as a collaborator with reforms ). In LA, we merely have to look at the lack of fortitude and veracity of recent leaders to understand their true allegiance . Should ACP confront more than raises ? His arguments for class size are fairly shallow. He has said nothing about the TFA affronts either .Of course he is an original corp alum with close ties to Wendy Kopp and presently is said to to favor Teach + and E4E teachers, mostly TFA and AstroTurf . In fact , thee individuals, who take an oath against tenure, are filling the BOD and HOR. They voted against reinstating that legal insurance that teachers no longer have . Somehow it was terminated in 2010 when Deasy was gearing up for witch hunts and other fun stuff. It is commonly understood that dues are paid with the expectation of this coverage , but without it we have been sitting ducks who pay UTLA to throw us under the bus . Not only are teachers denied this protection, UTLA has done nothing to defend teachers . Most casualties swear the reps and officers treated them with indifference or disdain , never siting code violations, refusing to show up for FAKE Skelly hearings and offering NO support on campuses under siege by BSA bully principals sent in like mercenaries to unload the veterans .
Finally and most easy to verify is the fact that ACP welcomed evaluations that relied on 30% of the outcome be based on test scores . The VAM scam had already been exposed by the ASA and other objective agencies who all explicated how biased and unreliable these methods are because they expect a teacher with ESL, IEP and other disadvantages to hold her own with affluent whites and Asians . This is much more convoluted when you factor in that they decided art, computer, shop and other teachers who teach things besides the test content would be accountable for scores to. Without even comparing the students' tests year to year, its impossible to truly say how well their teachers do. But why should a teacher willing to work in challenging and often dangerous conditions be fired because of students poverty, absenteeism, familial dysfunction, previous ineffective teachers, language acquisition etc?
Guess what, ACP doesnt give a shitaki . The CA ED Codes  are more astute . They state that NO teachers should be evaluated by tests . Now how did overlook that? Let me assure you, these union thugs do not give any credence to the codes, state or federal laws or the district policy, which is actually more explicit than they eternally thinner CBA.   Not that LAUSD or UTLA enforce ANY of it. I can provide anecdotal and /or documented proof they both have violated just about every thing in them all.
There is no justice for teachers . We all think that until we look for it .CTC, CTA, CDE, FEDs, US DOE, BOE, AFT, NEA, Courts, ACLU and DOJ are of no use to teachers who are persona nongrata unless they're AstroTurf . To be fair, EEOC has tried to help the veterans they recognize as targets with 93% of teacher jail birds over 40. I estimate this is close to the same for RiFs, displacements and demotions with at least 35%+ black , 65% single or divorced women, many disabled and in need of accommodations . It is likely that 1/3 were chosen in retaliation , maybe more , which is illegal, but it is chilling how many may be chosen simply because they were the wrong sex, color, religion or whatever. With concerns on the rise about racism at schools like Markham MS and special ed  and ESL kids being denied basic human rights , it should give all of us pause . Eli Broad instigated white flight during desegregation . This tract house horror we now defer to made his first fortune , Need I explain why Walmart's greedy peeps need not be allowed near our schools ? BIC is a big tax write off for moldy muffins and expired milk served by demoralized teachers . Swift could not come up with better satire than this . The wage slave super store is backing TFA and Parent Trigger. And that elitist who thinks our classrooms are his petri dish, Bill Gates... he is the man behind common core and the whole testing boon.
I am glad to see that teachers are emerging at last to defend themselves and students . But it is these parents rapidly organizing and speaking out who give us hope . The investors who have so much in reforms boondoggle should lose their Hinies and some of these plutocrats should don the orange uniform . Fantasy . Far Fetched , But one day there may be justice for all. For now teachers are not afforded that. How about we stop that swinging pendulum and do our jobs ? Tell Mr. Zimmer he was elected to temper the status quo, assure fair and just outcomes while working on prudent , proactive solutions , This is hard work . The BOE is hardly working at all.

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