Sunday, March 1, 2015

LAUSD BOE VP Steve Zimmer Admits to EVERY Member on the BOE Voting to FIRE EVERY TEACHER accused of MISCONDUCT to appease charter school criminals and critics via Diane Ravitch

Read his letter. It is unfathomable . How out of it can one be?

He actually admits that all of them voted to fire every single teacher that came before the board , which is true but it's not something to brag on because many of those teachers were innocent . The board members  are NOT there to rotely rubber stamp dismissals according to the whims of the Emperor Broad or to further their ambition. You more than fired these teachers , you made them unemployable  without even reading the charges. My life and many others are in ruins so you and the others could gain political approval . You had no interest in the veracity  of these allegations .

Yet here you are. You are talking about charter schools and billionaires violating civil rights, which is what you did and continue to do to teachers to appease then. "The pendulum ,"  as you put it (to desperate teachers asking for you to intervene before they were broke and homeless), " has swung the other way." Your job is essentially to temper these things so that doesn't happen , but while you were wrecking lives with hearsay and flawed strategic maneuvers that caused suicides, premature death, PTSD, Foreclosures, poverty , divorce and homelessness, the ramifications of of these transgressions never crossed your mind , much less your duty  uphold equality and justice . What chaps my Hyde is that teachers have footed the bill for your election . 
So NOW your panties in are in bunch because these same imperialist @&$% are playing hardball in anOTHER election? And we are supposed to empathize ? With YOU? Not bloody likely given the complete and utter lack of it you had for teachers Deasy directed administrators to get rid of any way they could ; they did so with your eager assistance no less. That you are so shamelessly referring to it like YOU made some kind of sacrifice epitomizes  entitled , arrogant idiocracy  I am stunned by this sociopathy and the irony of it being posted here (of all places )on Ravitch  . 

Since you didn't bother let me tell you something because I have read the cases, the codes and the constitution : many cases were kicked back by the OAH and appellate court because they were absurd . Most teachers just settle because they have no money for lawyers after being starved out during Lengthy , unpaid suspensions as they wait out that court date . No one remembered to follow the policy, Ed feds or district policy , and justice delayed is justice denied . But clearly teachers are no longer afforded human rights of any kind, and the BOE shares the BBCs contempt for them. 

 However I want to thank Mr. Zimmer because even though I have the count from  long frustrated efforts to get LAUSD to abide FOIL and the damning meeting minutes document the fact they could not be bothered by due process, he is publicly confirming that the BOE knowingly violated my rights and those of at least 200 teachers who knew they were innocent and fought fortheir careers and reputations. Even now teachers who were ordered reinstated by the courts remain victimized by this political gaming . That is contempt of court and obstruction of justice on the BOEs part . 
We were disposable to you, Mr. Zimmer. You didn't even investigate the accusations. They were treated like gospel because administrators are NEVER sexist, racists, haters, bullies or bRoadies installed to do just what they did  ( sarcasm) . 93% of the teachers jailed were over 40. At least 1/4 were African American . I believe more than 75% are innocent victims of the Broadies , mercenaries you and the rest let in to usurp the rank and file veterans because they cost too much hand they were a threat to profits ,
Shame on all  of you . You are each personally liable for the harm you caused us . And I, for one , plan to to expose this and seek punitive damages in court . 
Unfreakingbelievable. You are no hero, Mr. Zimmer. Not even close . You people have a job to do . If the suits and the BOE understood that , you would have been diligent and you and members before you would have fired the unfit and criminal few in the first place instead of turning so many innocent teachers into sacrificial lambs for Deasy when it came out that the distrct literally protected perverts to protect enrollment ( ADA$&&)  . I am furious and when others read this they will be too. 
Now I have a good idea of "What rough beast slouches toward Beaudry building?" Karma is coming to roost . I hope it affords you all the compassion and mercy you showed us. 

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