Monday, February 23, 2015

Susan Lee Schwartz: TEACHERS NEED UNIONS ! It's the leaders we need to replace

As far as I know, I am the only one who is standing up and saying, "Yes, we need unions or they would murder us, having incarcerated and oblierated our voice already, with impunity BECAUSE THE ONLY LEGAL LEGS WE TEACHERS HAVE COMES FROM THEM!  We need TEACHERS to lead that union AND FORCE THEM to do the right thing. TEACHERS NEED THE UNIONS AND THEY MUST  rid the union of the power-brokers and cronies who were complicit in the first assault on teachers, which took out ALL the veteran teachers while the media screamed "incompetent, bad teacher."
I experienced it. I have spoken over a decade to hundreds .of others. VAM is only step 2, and until the truth is spoken about everywhere, nothing can change.
This truth is simple… and I have said it before, and will say it again, even if I am a lone voice here…. teachers were deprived of their civil rights in a way that no ethnic minority would tolerate, and yet nowhere in the media, and not here, does anyone STAND-UP and say: THE UNIONS LET THIS HAPPEN. 
I have a contract on my desk with the UFT, which outlines the grievance procedures.None of the steps in the procedure were in play, and the union MANHATTAN BUREAU REP silenced me on that day when a superintendent took it upon her self to issue a "found Guilty' LETTER" with no investigation, and no chance for me to hear any allegations, no putting out of charges so i could defend myself."
Randi knows this, as the UFT attorney Adam Ross, who saw all my evidence of the site reps collusion and the Bureau chief's 'incompetence'.
We will continue to be so much fodder for those gunning us down, until the unions are reformed, until teachers demand THAT THEY STEP UP AND ENSURE OUR SIXTH AMENDMENT RIGHTS, AS OUTLINED IN OUR CONTRACTS AND IN THE LAW OF THE LAND!
ONLY THEN, can no one allege our incompetence, when EVIDENCE is the rule. VAM will die in the courts because it is not based on observable reality, on evidence and it ignores the rights of an American to stand up and say, "Hey, that is pure horse-poop. HERE IS THE EVIDENCE OF MY COMPETENCY.

READ ABOUT THE STRUGGLE OF ONE WHO DID, AND WON, and lost her savings and years of her life. The principal set her up to be assaulted in her classroom and the union did NOTHING!

I wrote this in 2004. I have published it here and everywhere many times.I was famous. I was the teacher everyone wants. If you have never read it, then read it NOW , and know it is no rant… every word is true… 
This happened to ME! And as Betsy Combier documents, to the veteran teachers of nyc.
How do you think they did this to the largest school district in America.
Because the union is absent, it continues to this day… as Francesco Portelos knows. Read what they did to this American, because they COULD, HAVING destroyed his practice, and even as he was made into a lowly sub, he refused to leave… as I refused under harassment that nearly destroyed my mental health.
and go here and see Portelos fight back:
He is suing, something I did not do… I ran for my life, as thousands of others did, abandoning a career, a calling that I Loved. READ  THE STORIES OF OTHERS, all of this  OUT THERE for years.
Hey, they applied this process of abuse, to Lenny Isenberg in LA (in 2002 which is 12 years ago)
when he blew the whistle on social promotions.. This happened in this cesspool of bureaucracy, because without the unions THEY ARE LAWLESS!!!!
and if you don't believe it . go to this 2015 POST as he tries to build a grassroots movement there to end this. 
So continue to DAMN VAM, but know THIS — the profession is under attack on a much more serious level AND until those who can, actually do step up and point a finger at the travesty and tragedy that continues across the vulnerable grunts on the line in 15,880 districts…NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

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