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Bill Smith
Bill Smith11:03pm Feb 15
This was sent to me below. It's a motion the UTLA Board of Directors voted on 2-11-15. My understanding is Substitute Teachers aren't paid over the summer -- and so they don't pay union dues over the summer. Wil Substitute Teachers then have to back pay union dues for the time period over each summer? Aren't union dues like $60 a month, so all Substitute Teachers would have to pay about $180 each year?

Is this just another way for the UTLA to collect money for its slush fund?

This appears to be yet another instance where UTLA is discriminating against and attacking Substitute Teachers? Also, doesn't this motion require the UTLA Constitution to be changed? Clearly this motion needs to be approved by the House of Representatives as a Constitutional Amendment for it to be official UTLA policy. Will UTLA go through those steps?

Nearly unbelievable the level of corruption - then again these are the same folks who have not provided an accounting for the secret meeting they had with Mr. Deasy at Drago's restaurant in the middle of a UTLA election. And they also ignored the House of Representatives by lowering the salary demand from 17.6% RETROACTIVE to 2013-14 (every other district that has negotiated a salary increase has gotten a raise retroactive to 2013-14) - and they ignored the House of Reps and chose to have the leadership conference at the non-union home of the 1% home of the PGA La Quinta resort and spa. Because UTLA leaders are living like the 1% -- with our dues money!

The Movement for the Union that UTLA Members Deserve,

Motion 1241

Moved to adopt the following as Board Policy relative to the determination of active status for UTLA Membership:

1) Active status shall be determined on a monthly basis. Active status for the preceding year shall also be determined on an annual basis.

2) Dues are payable each month. While payment of dues may be delayed for one month, after a second consecutive month of owing dues, a member shall be considered an inactive member.

3) Months in which work is not available due to the employer's work calendar shall not be used in the determination of monthly inactive status.

4) Periods of inactive status within the previous calendar year may be addressed by the payment of back dues. Each member is responsible for paying back dues on a quarterly basis.

5) In order to maintain active membership, each member shall be responsible for payment of full annual dues in a calendar year. This determination shall be made on an annual basis for the preceding year.

6) Members in inactive status shall be notified of their status in a timely manner.

7) Members returning to active status after an inactive period of greater than 6

months, shall be required to re-enroll as a member.

BOD Action: PASSED 2/11/2015
UTLA Accountability
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