Sunday, February 22, 2015

LAUSD BURNS THROUGH $27 BILLION BOND SLUSHY : Who benefits ? Students? Contractors? Corrupt officials ? Vulture Philanthropists ? Kickback Kids?

LAUSD breaks ground on 131st - and final - school in $27 billion bond project
One thing is clear: the public is getting very little from this . Their kids , their schools, their community is getting jacked . Short of a riot,  there's not much they can do about it either.

LAUSD breaks ground on 131st - and final - school in $27 billion bond project

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Unified School District is breaking ground on the last of more than 100 campuses that were funded by a $27 billion bond program.

Students, officials and community leaders are set to gather Saturday in suburban Maywood to commemorate the start of construction on South Region High School Number Eight.

It's the 131st school built under the bond program.

The campus will accommodate about 1,200 students and boast science labs and a library. It is scheduled to open in 2017.

All the gotta do is keep undermining the public schools . 
They can steal money from the taxpayers with impunity, terminate and stain over 10,000 veteran teachers and discriminate against kids with IEPs, low test scores and ESL status. Why? Because Broad and Pbama say so. There is nothing better about charter schools except that they have more . More of what? More of the public's resources than the public schools get. Keep in mind that CEOs at charters like Steve Barr and That Puck fellow ... They get big bucks for running their charter chains . Like a million annually , the money K-12 online schools os raking in is scary, especially because they have no overhead, underpay and over work teachers while mostly leaving students behind inside of a single semester , yet collecting funds as long as they can . 
Enrollment is low. What's up with all those contractors? Bet it's kickback city , so there you go. LAUSD, billionaires, investors, Wall Street , slick political puppetry and so called nonprofits are getting richer , undermining the middle class and reducing educators to low skilled labor.
I am ready to find another country . This one is profoundly broken 

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