Saturday, February 21, 2015

Does LAUSD BOE ELECTION make Bennett Kayser LASR 's whipping boy?.Responding to a Note About Kayser's Lack of a Respnse

LA School report had planned this week to conclude our profile series of the candidates in the March 3 elections with District 5 board member Bennett Kayser. However after weeks of trying, we could not get him to commit to making himself available. He was the only candidate among 12 in the three contested races who declined our request.

Can ya blame him? while I have issues with him, you smear anyone and everyone who expresses dissent or criticism of your  dubious agenda. I have seen the lives destroyed by this kind of pro reform bias; it is downright disturbing that such blatant propoganda be afforded any credibility given the feeds LASR has into HUFFINGTON POST and the dailies.  With judges siting the corporate controlled mainstream media as the keepers of unassailable facts, why should anyone expose his or her self to such wanton slander ? Reformers want charter schools , tests and all that ed tech ---among other things---NOT because it serves students'' best interests , but because it all makes them richer. That they sink this low to get more money makes it clear to me reformers are unfit to speak on behalf of children and should have nothing to do their public educations. Mr  Kayser certainly is not a reformer ; though sometimes misguided , parents believe  his heart is always in the right place. I speak to enough if them to accept this and urge him to find more ammenable venues for INTERVEIWS , distance himself from the judas union and to speak out directly about this insidous take over . if he does not have the courage to do this then someone ekse should be eloected .

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