Monday, January 26, 2015

UTLA Wins Ruling on Teacher Evaluation System , BUT WHAT DID UTLA WIN BESIDES BRAGGING RIGHTS | United Teachers Los Angeles

What exactly does this mean? Do teachers that were not assisted by the union have recourse? Couldn't the union be more explicit and proactive about this and what it means to members? Does it mean that the thousands of us who were purged are just SOL because UTLA failed to purchase Legal insurance . Or because LAUSD got in bed with the billionaires as they realized they couldn't afford the pensions and benefits for baby boomer exodus !? To add insult to injury these bogus victories are designed to mitigate the lousy union corruption as well as spare LAUSD any culpability after UTLA let all these teachers fall prey  to morals charges , never objecting to the abuse of rank and file who are, in many cases, destroyed by all this. Well, congratulations, you swine. You've realized Orwell's vision by getting up on  two legs and negotiating ( collluding with the "enemy") . The LAUSD gift for cryptic,  obtuse allusions has rubbed off on UTLA . Part of that TURN  agenda . 


 Is that what you call it ? 

UTLA issued the following statement regarding a ruling by a PERB administrative law judge on teacher evaluations…

UTLA is gratified that the Public Employment Relations Board has ruled that LAUSD made illegal changes to the teacher evaluation system. PERB ordered the District to cease and desist from continued use of the four-level observation tool that was unilaterally implemented without reaching an agreement in bargaining with UTLA.  This illegal action was taken under direction of former Superintendent John Deasy.

PERB also ordered the District to cease and desist from:

  • unilaterally implementing policies within the scope of representation
  • interfering with employees' right to be represented by their union
  • interfering with the right of UTLA to represent its members in negotiations

PERB also ruled that the District must compensate employees for any financial losses incurred by the implementation of the four-level observation rating system.

The District has until February 22nd to appeal the ruling.  Both sides are in negotiations on a new agreement on evaluations.  If the District appeals, it can continue using the four-level system pending the outcome of that appeal.

UTLA is confident that if there is an appeal, the full PERB board will affirm the administrative law judge's decision that the District acted unlawfully.



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