Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Teachers Under Fire, Watching It All Go Up in Flames, Think Fighting is a Lost Cause. They Need to Rethink Their Position

THE WORD IS  we haven't got a prayer. A lot of us believe that anyway. It cannot be so or we would not have made reform work so hard for what they've stolen so far . But let's say it is so.
Shall we fold ? Shall we torture students with common core and wait until we are let go and our pensions go to John Arnold to spend on cavier and his PR for his next heist? Shall we wander off to skid row and take cover in a cardboard box? Should I tell my son his only hope for the future is to surrender his soul to our oppressors and hope to gods he never becomes ill because there will be no options available for any treatment on Obamacare unless an $80 aspirin can cure it? Should we flee to Finland or join Egypt's dissidents who are demanding Democracy? Maybe we should sing "Is that all are there is?" and get so drunk we won't feel it when President Joel Stein orders an extermination crew to go out and burn members of our resistance In town squares to assure others don't try it?
It is the stake for heretics ( bloggers, caring moms, academics , students, teachers who dared to ask question during a faculty meeting) ?
Maybe while we are waiting for the ax to fall we can become drug dealers because that is the only criminal enterprise we can get in on the ground level of and frankly the least offensive beside these offers to facillitate the crony capitalists escalating cluster f**k? Have we all become infected by some postmodern strain of Stolkhome syndrome? You fight until the damned war is over . You fight because it is more noble to die stranding than it is to live on your knees . You fight because you love your family ,your students , your country
( WHAT it was and SHOULD be) , your FREEDOM, you fight because that is what we do . We are teachers and that doesn't mean we are complacent pansies, shiftless quitters and it sure doesn't make us victims! I will go down fighting . If we lose, it will be because you, you, you and all ya all didn't fight.
Students are fighting all over the world for an education. Teacher unrest is global. I think Finland is the only place there are no problems. Saudi Arbia is cutting deals with Pearson . And teachers in Mexico are being murdered for burning test scores and protesting . If they will go that far to protect what they have, why can't you?

Anyone who says the swine have already won and gives up is a traitor to us and to self . Look around . We got war all the time, rampant racism, unarmed children being shot in the street by police who act with impunity. They're giving cops drones in LA , where Eli Broad is building a shrine to himself as miles of homeless on skid row wait for the Gestapo to show and say being indigent is a crime.
I do not bow down to Bill Gates or Eli Broad . I don't answer to a sell out president . I defer to the tenets of Democracy, which Thomas Jefferson so eloquently explicated. We question authority. We vote . We have a right to express our opinions, to bear arms, to the 4th and 10th amendmants . We abide the directive that ALL people are created equal and respect MLK enough to insist the Brown act is NEVER violated, least of all by our own governments . We can remove anyone we want from an elected office. ANYONE.
We are THE people and this is our country .
If we have to become rebel Militia in cyber space or mobs supporting strikers at WAL mart ( who is crewing teaches over too), so be it.
Put your money where it doesn't support anything but small business. Make your unions ear that damned dues money and spend it on what they're supposed to. Sign petitions, file complaints. Collaborate with each other and parents. Refuse to administer that freaking test. Organize and Rise!a. 
Every day we can do things that HITS THEM WHERE THEY LIVE. Don't stand for corrupt judges. Vote their corpulent asses out. Do not administer test. Let them fire you. Parents will take note of that. Be Norma Rae or Chavez. Be somebody who makes a difference. That is what we do. And…What we have to do is nothng next to people in countries who are dying because they fight knowing if they didn't they'd die anyway, just slower. We don't like it but it has to be done. We have to make sacrafices. We have to make choices. We can no longer afford a wait and see attitude or to pretend it is not happening. If we keep putting it off we will face more than foreclosure abd joblessness. It is much worst than test factories in place of our schools because these guys are posed to own Everything and make us pay to use what they stole from us. 1984 looks like a tea party compared to the legacy we will leave these kids if we don't fight. Now!

In the novel Night Mosch the Beatle, the narrator's spiritual teacher, is taken with a trainload of other Ghetto dwellers by the Gestapo . They are transported to a plot of land and ordered to dig a long deep trench . When they finish the officers line them up along the trench and start shooting . For some reason Moshe survives and digs his way out. He has been hit on his leg and is exhausted . He hasn't even had water for days . But he creeps through the night and travels the formidable distance back to the ghetto . When he shows up he is mess and has not slept . He has a bullet wound and marks from the chains they wore by travel . His feet are black and bleeding; he is filthy and in a panic he as tells his neighbors what happened . He beseeches them to flee before the Nazi's come back. Only the boy believes him Everyone else calls him crazy . Moshe is very sad for them but he gets out if there after he tells that kid to hang on so he can tell this story.because it would be very important. Elie Weisle did.
It is not ever a win like you want. There is no moment where the baloons drop down and we toast ourselves . We just keep shoving back. And maybe if we do, we can actually avoid sleeping on a sidewalk after thirty years of service . Let me assure you the feds and courts will allow us to be fleeced and left for dead on skid row UNLESS WE FIGHT FOR WHAT WE KNOW IS OURS. . Maybe our students won't be sent to test factories and trained as Walmart wage slaves while their parents pay 2/3 of their low wages to pay for their low rent education. Maybe we can give Egypt hope as they scramble for human dignity by way of Democracy. It is ironic that this should fall on us , but then again, we are used to being responsible for way more than we can possibly do, and somehow we pull it all off . So why not this too!? It is one hell of a teachable moment. Those who step back to  let others handle it are no better than the fascists, especially when the evidence is so clearly pointing us towards a resistance and maybe a revolution we can and will win if you stop sniveling and pitch in. Because if all of us, even 1/10 th of us pitched in and served the greater good, the BBC would be disbanded, possibly imprisoned with Rhee, Deasy, Stein, etc and we would shut down every one of these Industrial Complexes. We can  use what we save on actual education, housing for the poor, cleaning up the earth and a well earned trip to the hot springs spa for a soak.

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