Friday, January 16, 2015

OBAMA protected Child Molester & FIRED OIG Doing His Job : the Case ofKevin Johnson AKA Mr. MICHELLE Rhee

There are links within the story that take you to the official report , which indicts RHEE for racketeering as she and shyster intimidated, mislead and bribed victims and witnesses . When these efforts failed , Obama fired the OIG who was preparing this case for prosecution.  Kevin Johnson misappropriated funds, attempted to snag an inordinate amount of power for his office
 ( lamented publicly that there was no crisis to justify that, so next time he will likely follow Obama's lead and create one), and he has a bad habit of using students from his charter school as he wishes. This includes girls he has admitted to being naked with and teachers say he is inappropriate with ( all hands) . Posing as a benevolent mentor, he literally dated 14 year olds . The report states teachers quit in retest when the Johnson was not removed . Presently , he is permitted to do as he pleases with students and funds because he is "friendly" with the president who promptly called the Sacramento Dems and ordered the immediate discharge of an OIG who was bravely doing his job and had the goods to prosecute this criminal. In doing so, Obama violated the OIG mandates that require due process before they are dismissed to avoid just these kinds of circumstances . The day after his unilateral purge of this OIG, Obama's people filed the request to have the man fired . 
As teachers in LA , NYC, CHICAGO, DC, Louisiana, and elsewhere can attest, tenure is just due process . When Obama came into office we lost that and apparently so has the office of inspector general. This office provides oversight to protect the people's interests. With OIGs sharing the fear we teachers have, how will we defend ourselves, our children and Democracy with such unchecked corruption running amok in the White House? 
Kevin Johnson must answer for his crimes and we should consider impeaching Obama .
Even W. had more respect for the people than this pawn for a plutocratic regime does, and the hypocrisy of using child predator argument  to squash destroy teachers' due process is clearly NOT about protecting children . 
Michele RHEE and Kevin Johnson sat with CAMPBELL Brown at a speech she gave that was full of Pathos about the safety of students and how unfair it is to protect teachers from false Allegations , discrimination, and greedy reformers who want to replace them with interns . As much as you hate NCLB , there are concession in it that protect schools from losing truly qualified teachers. Los Angeles lost at least 10,000 of those in the last few years as an unseemly number of interns flooded the schools. In order to cover this up, John Deasy misidentified the interns as credentialed teachers . 

Read Mercedes Schnieder's astute , well supported expose : 

It appears that elites can have their way with funds and with children, not to mention contracts and the laws . Is this the America you want to live in ?  

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