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In the United States of America, we have the right, perhaps even the duty to be involved and engaged in the political process.  In the places where we live, involvement in local government and engaging with elected officials helps us determine who to vote for and support,  and what initiatives we want to pursue to make government work for all the people.

As citizens, we have the constitutional right to free speech, which includes criticism and sometimes ridicule of public officials.  This activity is what helps make us a true democracy.
For their part, public officials have a duty and responsibility to do the people's will and work for the common good.  As part of the price of public discourse, elected representatives must bear the necessary burden of this public criticism as a force to moderate what would otherwise be unchecked and undemocratic power.

Often times, in local politics, particularly at county supervisors meetings, city councils, and school boards, there is heated debate and disagreement on direction, policy and use of taxpayer funds.  Many people spend much of their adult lives working within the system to affect change.  When their voices are not heard, they become frustrated and tempers flare.  But this discourse and disagreement with public officials is part of the system and is important in a free society,
If citizens determine elected officials are not working in the best interest of the people, they can work to elect others who will.

When public officials misuse their position or authority to squelch free speech, they corrupt the system established by our Founding Fathers and create resentment, `mistrust, and even fear, when people see their constitutionally guaranteed rights being usurped on what is becoming a regular basis. And fear of public officials is not American.

Do you feel that you have been unfairly targeted, harassed or even threatened for exercising your right to free speech and criticism of public officials and policies?  Have you been threaded with arrest for exercising protected free speech?  We want to hear about your experience.   


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and tell us your story.  You must be willing to identify yourself and provide documentation in support of your situation and claims.

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"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be."
--Thomas Jefferson

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