Friday, January 30, 2015

Did UTLA deliberately fail to notify members...and WTF is UP with $ 3million strike fund?

Bill Smith
Bill Smith11:30am Dec 30
Did UTLA deliberately fail to notify members about its November House Meeting?

In November 2014 UTLA had a House of Representatives meeting. Only UTLA didn't notify members that a meeting was going to take place -- as has been practice for YEARS. So there was no quorum. UTLA then strangely said to the few people who showed up that they needed to raid the strike fund of $3 million. But the House couldn't vote because there was no quorum - thanks to UTLA. So did they want the House to approve this at its next meeting in January? They didn't say.

In talking about the $3 million raid on the "Strike Fund," UTLA didn't even present a timeline for a strike -- and UTLA STILL refused (and refuses to this day) to declare Impasse. The documents distributed by UTLA Treasurer Arlene Inouye at that November meeting put the cost of this "necessary" preparation at $2.5 million. Yet UTLA was asking for $3 million. So what was the extra $500,000 for? International vacations for union officers? Kick-backs? Embezzlement? Treasurer Inouye said from the podium, "if you don't approve this, we might as well agree to the district offer right now." Really? How pathetic is that? Approve this or we'll cave to the district?

We haven't even heard if UTLA still needs this $3 million. Or is it $2.5 million? We already know UTLA has at least twice violated the Constitution by ignoring established UTLA policy: lowering the salary demand from 17.6% retroactive (to 10% and then 9%), and moving the leadership conference to a non union mega resort (and home to the 1%) in Palm Springs.

So has UTLA autocratically (and possibly illegally) already raided the Strike Fund of this $3 million without approval from the House of Representatives? Was it a deliberate ploy to NOT notify union members that a House of Representatives meeting was going to take place, so they could simply raid the fund without even asking the House of Representatives (simply later saying, sorry, we didn't have a quorum and we had to raid the money now)? Remember - UTLA still hasn't provided an explanation for why they didn't notify House of Representatives members that a meeting was going to take place. Was it a deliberate act?

UTLA Leadership -- been on any dues member paid vacations lately (without telling members)? Any comment on any of these questions, or can we continue to expect more inaction and capitulation to the district's demands from UTLA?

In Unity,
The Movement for the Union that UTLA Members Deserve
UTLA Accountability
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