Saturday, January 17, 2015

DEASY to BROAD YOU WANT INNOVATION ? Let's Turn LA Times ReporterHoward Blume into On Call Fluffer BROAD to DEASY Excellent!!

WHOA  ACCORDING TO the dominant narrative , truth is open to interpretation . This nonsense for example ;  it didn't follow, so it is a non sequitur   and poor Howard Blume is being forced  to compromise or else. If I were him, I would say or else what?  They're going to make his life miserable? He is looking pretty grim as it is . Fire him, is that it? That would not look good and half the teachers would testify for him when he took the Times to court. Besides, he is the only one who knows what he is doing . Frankly he may happy to oblige these hyenas for all I know. The article, either way is a travesty 
When you outlaw suspensions there will be less of them. Errr.. If they're outlawed why are there any at all? Oh, it's the arbitrary nonsense . There are some who can suspend . Teachers never had the call on that anyway. Now they're expected to let miscreants run amok... and they are going to act better because they know thy cannot be suspended? Doesn't follow. I have a bunch of Deasyims and every time I read these cock and bull attempts to pull Deasy's  Rep out of the gutter , I am going to ask that everyone circulate a response, a rant or recycled blast of the past demanding answers about things like Why MICROSOFT isn't responsible for MISiS since it destroyed twice as much as it is worth that they know of so far? Hey, kids BILL GATES IS CULPABLE. MAKE HIM PAY FOR YPUR COLLEGE EDUCATION ! 
 And how come  all that schmoozing with Apple CORTINES got the best deal? Not Deasy. I'm just saying. 

It is so clear what they're doing . Deasy is in the toad's lair grooming some new mercenary to take over where he left off. This guy will be given some phony articles that keep him out of the Broad reform crowd when we check and he will say a few good things abd next thing you know we got another autocrat spending the money on croneyism. The media will play along . Them the BOE will be compelled to orchestrate the pretense of a vote and Deasy will get him all situated . When the hype of iPads and segregationists stories get buried , deasy looks like a tough leader but "championing " is all the recruiter will see. Then he has his way with some other district , 
They have to up their game but that is going have be better than this thus far .if education refirm is so great why all the cloak and dagger bullshit ? 

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