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Obama’s Education Reform Scam’s real goal is Indoctrination | Grumpy Opinions

Thanks to Sandrainbrevard publisher of Grumpy Educators as well as stlgretchen and anngie who together publish the Missouri Education Watchdog, I've been kept well informed of various political schemes to reform education.  

As incredible as it may seem, Jeb Bush is happy to go along with Obama's Education Schemes

It was almost three years ago when Sandra told me one of the cornerstones of a plan called Common Core Standards was the creation of standardized tests to be administered nationally.  Common Core Standards are an essential part of all the various schemes that assorted politicians are trying to sell to the public.

Federal law prohibits the Department of Education from attempting to create a national curriculum, Constitutionally what is taught in schools is supposed to be determined at a local level. The Obama administration, as well as others with an interest in nationalizing education decided this could be circumvented by the implementation of nationalized testing. The administration claims it doesn't doesn't care what's on the curriculum or what's taught in the classroom, as long as students pass the national tests.  If they don't pass, funding gets cut.  Even worse for individual teachers, their evaluations and their paychecks are tied to how well the students preform on the tests.  That leaves teachers were very little choice except to teach to the test, take a serious pay cut or get fired.  In short the Obama Administration has circumvented the Constitution and Federal Law by nationalizing testing instead of curriculum.
You don't have to be to smart to realize that gives the Administration a considerable amount of influence over what's taught, and that kind of influence leaves the door wide open for abuse..and political indoctrination
Stanley Kurtz over at National Review Online has done some digging into the subject and he posted this article Obama and Your Child's Mind

Why does President Obama want your child to read "Executive Order 13423: Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management" in school? It's not the business of a president to shape your local school's reading assignments. The Constitution and several federal laws prohibit it. Yet by conditioning federal education aid and regulatory waivers on state acceptance of the "Common Core," Obama has managed to manipulate the states into adopting what is fast becoming a de facto national K–12 curriculum.
Parents across the country are just now waking up to the fact that President Obama has forced what is in effect a new curriculum on their local schools. This immensely important change ought to have been fully reported and debated during Obama's first term. It's a disgrace that the Democrat-controlled media never allowed that debate to happen.
In a post on Monday I argued that the Common Core's mandatory substitution of non-fiction for many fiction readings opens the door to a politicized curriculum, and is ultimately the outcome of an unconstitutional and illegal power-grab by the president. Let's look more carefully at the politicization issue.
The Common Core forces schools to pare back literature assignments in favor of non-fiction "informational texts." One of the suggested texts is Executive Order 13423: Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management. (The Common Core exemplar includes only the first two sections of the order.) Why has this text been included among the recommended examples? Obviously, because the order appears to give the imprimatur of the federal government to the political gospel of "sustainability" and the crusade against global warming.

Kurtz gets into a lot more detail, Id suggest you read all of Obama and Your Child's Mind
Keep in mind the Congress has passed no legislation to support either Race To The Top or Common Core.  Like on several other issues where Congress has refused to act on one of Obama's initiatives has simply taken it upon himself to enact law by Executive Fiat.  This is a violation of the Constitution and a violation of the Presidents Oath to uphold the document…
Sadly Speaker of  The House John Boehner doesn't have the guts to to do anything about it.  Long ago Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid put power,  politics and party at the top of his priority list.  The Constitution and concern for the country are sill on the list, somewhere near the bottom underneath casinos and voting rights for illegals.
When I went to school, students were taught this sort of thing couldn't happen here, it only happened under Communist and Fascist Dictators in places like Russia and China and a few years earlier, Hitler's Germany.  I guess some of the people my age grew up and said why can't  we make it happen here.
A couple of those somebodies have Chicago Ties to Obama.  He worked with both Bill Ayers and Mike Klonsky on various education projects including their Small Schools Workshop.  The trio had office space on the same floor of the same building.  If you recall, one of Obama's first political fundraisers was in Ayers' living room.  For a brief period in 2008 Klonsky was the Official Education Blogger on the Obama Campaign website.
Ayers' and Klonsky are both communists, Ayers is an admirer of Castro and Hugo Chavez, Klonsky was Chairman Mao's favorite American.  Unlike Ayers I haven't linked Klonsky to actually blowing anything up In November 2006 Ayers had this to say in Caracas, Venezuela with Hugo Chavez in attendance  Caracas, Venezuela
President Hugo Chavez, Vice-President Vicente Rangel, Ministers Moncada and Isturiz, invited guests,comrades. I'm honored and humbled to be here with you this morning. I bring greetings and support from your brothers and sisters throughout Northamerica. Welcome to the World Education Forum! Amamos la revolucion Bolivariana!
This is my fourth visit to Venezuela, each time at the invitation of my comrade and friend Luis Bonilla, a brilliant educator and inspiring fighter for justice. Luis has taught me a great deal about the Bolivarian Revolution and about the profound educational reforms underway here in Venezuela under the leadership of President Chavez. We share the belief that education is the motor-force of revolution, and I've come to appreciate Luis as a major asset in both the Venezuelan and the international struggle—I look forward to seeing how he and all of you continue to overcome the failings of capitalist education as you seek to create something truly new and deeply humane. Thank you, Luis, for everything you've done.

Those are the people who taught Obama how to use education for political indoctrination.  People who believe the United States would be better off under a communist dictator-  Their views haven't changed since Ayers and friends were going to Cuba to lean how to plant bombs in the US Capitol..
Is this a power we can entrust to a man like Barack Obama who ignores the Constitution and the rule of la.

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