Monday, September 30, 2013

Text, Lies and IPads: What Are Deasy and Aquino Trying to Pull ? George of the Concrete Jungle Shares Documents You Want to See

IPAD PRESENTATION UPLOADED ASAP But Available of Diane Ravitch's Bog or in emails by request:

At a recent board meeting where the Board of Education approved a $30 million dollar deal for 1,000 devices we were told by Jamie Aquino and Apple that the deal included a 3 year warranty which included theft and all inclusive coverage for 3 years.  
Now we find these documents.  Look at the dates.  Look at who wrote them.  What do they say?  Does that line up with what was stated on television at the board meeting before the approval of $30 million without any terms or conditions and the fact that in February of 2013 a Jaime Aquino power point states that the devices will cost no more than $200 each and with a 5 year warranty.  
What happened?  They are now 500% more and 2 years less warranty and no keyboards.  This is the ethical standard for the second largest public school district in the U.S.?  

It has been stated that textbooks cost $80/year/student.  At three years, the lifetime of the I-Pad, that is $240.  At four years it is $320.  When the device is $200 divided by 3 it is $66.66/year divided by 4 it is $50/year/student.  If we had the $200 device with 5 years protection it is now $40/year/student or 1/2 the cost of textbooks or a savings at 650,000 students of $26,000,000/year.  This would mean $130,000,000 over 5 years and being able to replace them every 5 years with savings to put into other educational purposes.

Now what we have is $1,000 each, or $1,592 each or $200 each.  Name the magic number.  We have them for $200 each.  Now, in all fairness, how about an analysis of $1,000 each.
 3 years at $1,000 = $333/year/student.  This is a negative in the budget of $253/student/year or $164,450,000/year or in three years a deficit of $493,350,000.  This means financially the difference between the February 12, 2013 plan and what was approved is about $650,000,000.  Is it any wonder you are having trouble.  
The Feb. plan gave the district the technology and a surplus and is sustainable and the Sept. plan is a one way ticket to hell.  And we haven't added in the keyboard costs yet!   

And what if a parent does not want to be responsible?  You can't force them to sign.  What if they do not have wifi at home?
How is it that Aquino, Apple, consultants and high level staff is allowed to come into the board room in public and outright lie when they know about what was just sent to you. These were sent to the board.  .


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