Just when you thought it couldn't get worse, you read a story like this.

It is a letter from the publisher of the KA Times informing readers that a group of wealthy foundations are underwriting expanded coverage of education. Not surprising to see the Eli Broad Foundation in the mix. Former Mayor Richard Riordan is not listed but you can be sure he is involved.

These control freaks--er, philanthropists--worry that the LAT has not provided enough space to cover this vital topic.

Publisher Austin Beutner writes:

"We are calling our initiative Education Matters, and I encourage you to join us as we explore the issues that matter most to you and your child. If you want to understand the latest debate on curriculum or testing, find out about the role of student health in learning, study how charter schools are changing public education or experience a classroom from the perspective of a teacher, then Education Matters will be an essential destination.

"With an expanded team of reporters, we will take a fresh approach to our news and analysis starting with today's stories about the unique challenges facing LAUSD and the last year-round school in Los Angeles. Our editorial pages feature a guest column by U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan on the need for more investment in math and science education. You will find our reports at latimes.com/schools in English and Spanish.

"In the coming months, we will convene public forums to address topics such as educational education policy, saving for college and talking to your child's teacher. We intend these conversations to be both thoughtful and practical."

A guest column by Arne Duncan! Now there's a fresh perspective!

I wonder if I will ever be invited to write for the LA Times again?